Top 5 Garage Improvements for Spring

Spring is here and that means that many homeowners are starting home improvement projects. One space that is often forgotten but frequently used is the garage. Show your garage a little extra love this Spring with an update. We have compiled our 5 favorite garage improvements for this Spring.

Paint Your Walls: The difference between a painted wall and an unpainted wall is subtle, yet powerful. Painting your garage walls really brings a sense of completion and freshness to the space. Even a simple coating of white paint will get the job done!

Organization: Getting organized is probably one of the most important things to do in the garage. Group similar items together and store things you use often at eye-level. Keep those lesser used items up high and out of the way. Using things like shelving, overhead racks or cabinets make it easy to keep your items safely out of the way and organized at the same time. Try to use space in your garage that is typically underutilized, like walls and ceiling space to truly maximize your storage.

New Garage Door Opener: We LOVE the LiftMaster garage door opener! With this garage door opener, you can use your phone to open or close your garage door wherever you may be. Let’s face it, we’ve all forgotten to close the garage door at some point.

Let There Be Light: The standard light in the garage is typically dim and not conducive to working on projects. The Haiku Garage Light has an output that is “16 times greater than a typical 60-watt incandescent bulb.” That means that your garage will be so bright that you’ll be able to see perfectly at night. No more losing tools or tripping over stray toys!

Updated Garage Door: An updated garage door does wonders for curb appeal! There are many different styles to choose from out there, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for you home.