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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



What kind of warranty do the shelves have?

We have a limited lifetime warranty on our shelves.

What material is the shelving system made of?

Monkey Bars Shelving Systems are constructed of powder-coated, industrial-grade steel.

What additions can be made to the shelving?

Our shelving, Monkey Bars Shelves, are designed to hold a large variety of hooks, bars or accessories. We have everything from ball bags to bike racks.

What is the weight capacity of shelving?

Our shelving holds 1,000 lbs for every four-foot section.


How long will these cabinets last?

Gorgeous Garage cabinets are built to last for decades. We back this up by offering a lifetime warranty on the Signature Line and 7 years on the Classic Series.

What are the garage cabinets made of?

We use a thermal-fused laminate for our cabinets, and everything is held together with sturdy wooden dowels and screws. Cabinets come in a variety of colors, designs or wood patterns. This melamine material won’t warp over time, and are resistant to moisture.

Why are the garage cabinets mounted up off the floor?

The garage cabinets are wall mounted to protect them from water damage. It also makes maintenance and cleaning your garage easier.

Do you provide custom sizes or dimensions for cabinetry?

We offer a wide range of cabinet sizes and configurations to fit your needs and work best in your garage.


What types of overhead racks are there?

We carry a motorizing option and a stationary option that can be installed in a couple of ways.

How much weight do the overhead racks hold?

Standard racks can hold 750 lbs when free-standing and 1,000 lbs when one side is mounted to a wall. Motorized racks can hold 350 lbs.

What items are best stored on overhead racks?

Long-term items and items used less frequently, like bulky equipment or storage bins, are best stored on overhead racks.

What are the differences between motorized overhead racks and normal racks?

There are a couple of differences between the two types of racks. Stationary racks hold more weight, but you usually need a ladder to get to them. Motorized racks move up and down for easier access.

How do the motorized overhead racks work?

The rack itself is attached to a pulley system and four independant motors, which raise and lower the rack. The system is controlled by a phone app.

What are the overhead storage racks made out of?

These overhead racks are made with a sturdy, strong steel frame.


Do you offer a warranty on flooring?

We offer a lifetime warranty on our flooring.

How long does a floor installation take?

We offer one and two day coating systems. Tiles can be installed in just a few hours.

Does everything have to be out of the garage during the floor installation?

Yes, we need the interior cleared prior to installation.

What is the difference between polyurea coatings and epoxy coatings?

We offer a special epoxy coating that is specifically formulated to be highly durable and protect the concrete floor. It is effective at it’s job, although all epoxy flooring will inevitably fade and yellow if exposed to direct sunlight. Heat can also cause it to become slightly sticky. Polyurea is more stable and will last much longer than epoxy. Polyurea coatings are resistant to damage, like the epoxy, but also withstand chemicals and UV rays. They don’t fade or yellow and are impervious to most liquids.

When can I start using my new floor?

You can start using your new floor after 1-2 days. If you choose Polyurea for your garage floor coating, you will be able to use your garage floor the very next day due to the fast-drying qualities associated with this type of flooring.

Is the floor covering slippery?

Swisstrax floor tiles are made with a combination of rubber and plastic, so they are not slippery when wet. Floor coatings are resistant to moisture, so they can get slick when wet. We added a layer of chips to the coatings to provide more texture, which helps with that. If this is a specific concern, however, we can also add a special anti-slip product to the topcoat for an extra charge.

How do I clean my new floor?

Our coatings are resistant to liquids, so water, oil and most chemicals can be easily wiped away when spilt. Dirt and debris can be swept up with a bristle broom, mop or light pressure wash.

Are the resins used harmful to me or the environment?

No. Unlike cheaper kits, our products have a high solids content, which means fewer solvents and less VOC’s emitted that evaporate into the air.

Does the floor scratch?

No. All of our flooring systems are highly resistant to damage.

Does the flooring leave a smell?



What happens when I fill out a Contact Form?

When you fill out a Contact Form, your contact information is sent directly to one of our team members. We’ll attempt to contact you, usually through a phone call, as soon as possible. If we don’t reach you on the first attempt, we usually try a couple more times. If we can’t reach you then, we won’t continue to spam you with messages or calls.

How long does the in-home consultations take?

The in-home consultations usually take 35-45 minutes.

Do I get the estimate during the consultation?

Not right away. We will try to give you an idea of what to expect, but your won’t get specifics until afterward. After the consultation, we will create a 3D model of the finished garage and email that to you with a detailed estimate.

How long is a typical installation?

With Organizing Solutions of San Diego, a typical installation can take 1 to 3 days depending on if we are doing a floor and on the number of cabinets, shelves, and overhead ranks.


Your website says you’re an authorized Gorgeous Garage dealer. What does that mean?

Gorgeous Garage is the national leader in high-quality garage enhancement systems. They provide top-of-the-line products and storage solutions for homeowners throughout North America. As the exclusive Gorgeous Garage dealer in the San Diego area, we are the sole carriers and installers of these products in the area. We have been specially trained to assist California homeowners with your garage storage problems. For more information about Gorgeous Garage, check out their website at

Do you charge for in-home consultations or estimates?

All our consultations and estimates are free.

Do you have a showroom or storefront I can visit?

No, but we bring the showroom to your house.

Can I install Gorgeous Garage products myself?

Because we want to make sure the products are all properly installed and warrantied, we do all installations ourselves. Labor costs are included with the price of the product.

Do you operate on the weekend for estimates or installations?

Yes, we work on Saturdays. We can work Sundays upon request if it’s the only day you are available.

Are you an accredited and insured company?

Yes, we carry insurance, are licensed, and belong to local business organizations.

Do you offer any discounts or offers (veterans, seniors, referrals, etc.)?

We offer a 10% discount to seniors and veterans.


Does the price of the product include installation?

Yes, the price of the product includes installation.

Will the consultant give me a design, or do I tell him/her what I want?

Our goal is to make your vision a reality. In order to do this, our consultant will meet with you in person to give you all the information you need, and listen to your ideas. Then, depending on your space and budget, we work with you to create the design.

Do I move my stuff out of the garage? Or do you move it out for me?

I recommend the garage be cleared out upon our arrival for liability reasons. If you need help with large items our crew will do it free of charge. If you need a lot of things moved I recommend a moving company as I don’t want to tie our crew up when we can be installing.

Does it matter if I get flooring or storage first?

No. If you decide to do one project separate from the other, the order doesn’t matter.