Epoxy Flooring in San Diego

Homeowners around the San Diego area have been blown away by the beautiful epoxy flooring done by Organizing Solutions of San Diego.

What sets apart our epoxy flooring in San Diego from the rest, you ask? Our thorough preparation and the installation process. Let’s go through the steps together.

First, the garage floor is cleared of any items. After this is done, the floor is prepared with a diamond grinder. The grinder removes any stains or imperfections that may already be on the concrete. If there is a previous garage floor coating, the diamond grinder also removes this. Any dust that is stirred up by this process is removed with vacuums. Next, each crack or uneven spot on the concrete is filled with premium strength filler, creating an even, smooth surface.

Next, we install the epoxy coating. A primer is spread on the floor. This primer contains a vapor guard and also seals the concrete. Next, the floor is painted the base color of the owners choice, then the full cast of chips are dispersed. This differs from most DIY epoxy floor coating kits. By casting chips fully, the floor becomes more durable, slip-resistant. This step also makes dirt and other items that may get on the floor over time less noticeable.

Lastly, a top coat is applied. The top coat is UV stable and free of harsh chemicals. This means that the floor will not yellow over time if it is exposed to the sun. By providing the top coat, the garage floor and layers underneath are also sealed and chemical resistant. For years to come, if you spill anything on the floor, it will not seep into the flooring or discolor it.

With such amazing benefits, why are you waiting? You deserve the best epoxy flooring San Diego has to offer. Call us today for a free estimate and we’ll get started on your new favorite room in the house.